Hello! This site tells you – in Danish – about events which are being made once a year for Danish bicycle tourists who go abroad to take part in a bicycle tourism week organized by the Danish Bicycle Federation’s “Highfunen”-department, of which I am the chairman.

We organize a bus trip every year to a destination not further away than 850 km. from the city of Odense in Denmark. Due to that maximum distance our bus can get to our destination within one day or one night.

We bring our own bicycles with us, and usually have our accommodation at a camping place or some campsite at a sportsfield.

We used to take part in the annual European AIT bicycle rallies. But these rallies ended up in 2006, so from 2007 we have made our own event, specially made only for Danish bicycle tourists, most of whom are members of the Danish Bicycle Federation (DCF). Learn more of the DCF on www.dcf.dk

- and learn a bit more about me and my wife on www.magtenboelle.dk

 More curious about the events that I make? And maybe eager to help me organizing next year’s bicycle event near your place? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact me!

And if you want to spend your holidays on a bicycle here in Denmark, I shall be pleased go give you any advice, which you might like to get.

Best regards,

Jørgen Bjerring
Chairman of the Danish Bicycle Federation’s “High Funen” department
Magtenbøllevej 94
5492 Vissenbjerg
Tlf. +45 6447 2794 / +45 2961 5859